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2012 China (Beijing) international office supplies
Author:admin Date:2012-05-05

Basic information
In digital the growing popularity of today, office equipment will have full digital upgrade. At the same time each big manufacturers of office market input, activate the traditional office market new development, at the same time, opened a new face of office era.
Looking around at home, office informatization has become China's government is grasp of the construction of the informatization of one of the grand project, the government office information system renewal became the office market of the engine. Speaking of the enterprise, the modern office equipment to improve efficiency due to the great role of office that are deemed to be in the fierce competition in business win one of the important factors, which have formed the modern office equipment for the strong demand. According to the statistics, the next few years China office market will grow by 25%, expected in 2015 to reach $50 billion, China office market is along with the rapid development of the information construction steps.
Think globally, office automation equipment industry is foreign capital as the global 50 most worth the investment one of the industries. In the office equipment industry, under the situation of the three pillars of Europe and America, and over $200 billion of annual output value of the back, implied the great contributions made in China.
Today, China has become a global office equipment, material procurement base. In the office contracted integration, energy saving and low energy consumption, science and technology innovation of the inevitable development tendency, the market demand for the diversification of China's office is equipment production enterprise provide a breakthrough new opportunities. Therefore, in the multiplication demand levels calls for new marketing mode and sales channel background, will hold "2012 China (Beijing) international office supplies and office equipment exhibition". 2012 will toward internationalization, the brand, professional direction development, will become the enterprise enlargement popularity, sets up the brand, the industry of international communication platform!

Exhibition range
"Office equipment
Print--printers, photocopiers, scanner, an integral whole machine, fast printing machine, label printer, bar code printer, bills printer etc
Management-attendance machine, shredders, binding machine, plastic machine, POS machine, paper money, management software, access control safety system, office drinking water etc
Computers-desktop and laptop computers, pdas, display, cd-rom, keyboards, and a writing pad, the mouse, USB, memory, etc
Communication-telephone, fax machine, intercom, switch, server, routers, nic, bluetooth, video conference system, etc
Video-projector, electronic board, cameras, video cameras, LuYinBi, MP3 / MP4, audio system, electronic dictionaries, ebook, etc
"Office stationery
Pen--the ball pen, neutral pen, fluorescence pen, pen, pencil, writing brush, marker, marker, crayons, crayons, lead, etc
Book-notebook, exercise book, note the letterhead, paper, address book, universal handbooks, plastic loaded the safekept, binder, etc
Office supplies-a stapler, the nail machine, punching machine, paper cutting knife, scissors, the knife, a pencil sharpener, pen container, pen bag, rulers, etc
Accounting vouchers, account ledger instrument, statements, Indonesia, ink, stamp-pad stamp-pad, stamps, carbon, calculator, paper clip, binding products etc
Document management-folder, increasingly, the organ bag, MingPianCe, ShuLi, for many, documents column, filing cabinets, function ark, safe, and so on
Gifts-greeting card, invitation, certificate, envelope, gift bags, paper, process furnishing articles, promotion articles, business gifts, etc
"Office supplies
Office paper-copy paper, printing paper, fax paper, printing paper, color, color printing paper, spray paper bills paper, engineering drawing card paper, etc
Office supplies-staples, glue, tape, correction fluid, correction tape, rubber, pins and needles and clip, labels, stickers and pasted on
Printing consumables, selenium drum, the ink, even for, the ribbon, ink, carbon powder, carbon tape, etc
"Office supplies manufacturing machinery and parts
Office equipment parts-print copy machine parts, computer and other management equipment parts, communications and video equipment parts, etc
The stationery manufacturing equipment-pen machinery, book processing machinery and other office supplies manufacturing equipment, gifts and crafts processing equipment, etc
Office supplies processing equipment and parts-paper processing equipment, office supplies processing equipment, printing consumables components

Host information
China's computer industry association
Beijing cultural products industry association
Beijing enterprises send exhibition service limited company
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